Fish Off Fund Raiser for Phil Broussard and Family


                                              Fish Off Fund Raiser for Phil Broussard and Family

FISHING TOURNAMENT OCTOBER  17th–24th is hosting a couples tournament using the app which means you can basically fish from anywhere. All entry fees will go directly to our two designated recipients Phil Broussard and Ms. Charlotte M. Carnahan.

Entry fee is 200.00 per couple. This is a chance to help out some one in a crisis as well as fish an online tournament and try out a new era that looks like we may be seeing more of in future tournaments.

Co-Founder, CEO at FishDonkey Darren Amundson reached out to me and offered to help promote our tournament, which will make it easier on those not familiar with online tournaments.

Below you will find a list of sponsors who stepped up and offered some pretty neat prizes. Of course we are still in need of product and monetary prizes and anyone who wishes to participate can contact me at 985-276-0287

Also there are links to show some of the horrendous damage done to the area. All offers of help will be greatly appreciated.

Of course this is just the initial start and more prizes will be added. Please check out the video below to get an idea of how the app works. Please click on the link to download the app.


destroyed parts of Louisiana’s power grid

 after making landfall Thursday as

the strongest hurricane to strike the state since 1856

. The storm struck with 150-mph winds, shredded houses and contributed to at least 17 deaths in Louisiana and Texas.

Hurricane Laura caused a storm surge of 9 to 12 feet and pummeled homes in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

The damage is so extensive that some infrastructure needs to be rebuilt from scratch, said Entergy, a power company that serves Louisiana and Texas.

And that could mean weeks or months of powerless misery in the

humid Louisiana heat.

Please fill in your information below, once we receive your info we will send you a link and instructions on how to sign up. If you want to donate please state your donation in the text box provided.


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