Another amazing day.


Chas Champagne

Another amazing day. Started out fishing matrix floats and matrix minnows working some shorelines way off in about 6 foot of water. The few we caught early were tanks on the jerk bait and decent on under the float. As we fished we kept eyes 👀 peeled for diving birds all morning. Once sun ☀️ lifted the birds got after it. Some flocks bull reds. Some flocks slot reds. The slot red flocks had some giant trout mixed in. Tide went from slack to falling. Water is Bahamas 🇧🇸 clean. Better have flouro if u want to fake out the big specks. Amazing day. Lost count of how many reds and trout were caught. Looks like a nice weekend get out there. Birds are working from Proctors point all the way to bayou liberty to keep eyes 👀 peeled. Have heard many bird 🦅 reports this week. The shrimp are on the exodus!!!

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