We went out the Big Bend Area Sunday in North Florida

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Let me start out by saying we had an amazing day fishing with some great tackle!
And a new popping cork being promoted by
Wanda Stewart who sent me one to try out!
Not only did the cork attract the trout and reds it also attracted a pretty big tarpon!

We went out the Big Bend Area Sunday in North Florida fishing for the day. It was windy and these storms had the water churned up bad. Had to fish with a couple different tackle. We caught 9 trout and one red, all nice size. And some to small and released back!
A couple trout was caught using a 1/8 oz. Pink/GoldEye TEXAS RATTLER™ with an A.M. soft plastic lure. Love the fact the jig rattles! And made to where any soft plastic fits and stays on good!
And the rest was caught with a cut pin fish tail below a UNDER TAKER popping cork. Wanda Stewart sent me this cork to give it a try and so glad she did, I absolutely love it! I’m a fan of popping corks and this is by far my favorite! Popping them is so smooth and definitely calls the fish to it!
To add to this day, was a sight my husband and I never seen or experienced. While fishing a pin fish tail under the popping cork something took my bait and ran with it fast.
It turns and comes swimming back by us about 30 ft from the boat and when it realized it was actually hooked it jumped out the water partially with aggressive shaking, we were in total shock as to what we seen, “”I had a Tarpon” we’re guessing with no doubt at least 150 pounds, and 6 ft long. Still Knowing when I first seen it, it was game over! Due to it being on a trout/red set up. Within seconds it came completely out the water again shaking and my line popped.
But It was the most amazing thing both of us has seen! In our area seeing a tarpon and especially one like that is like finding a needle in a hay stack!
Tarpon is on my bucket list!
And now that I got a small taste and seen one up in my face, it’s on my hit!Just an all around fun day making memories. Never a dull day on the ocean!
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