A Stairway To Heaven


Michael Fossati
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This was a picture I took at Indianola, one morning after I finished fishing. I like to call it the Stairway to Heaven. My mom and dad bought some land In Indianola in the late 70s, that was right on the waters of Powderhorn Lake. They built a house and it was a weekend house for the family and when my dad retired, they moved down there. They lived there till around 2010, when they were forced to move back to Victoria, due to medical reasons. I thought we were going to have to hog tie my dad, he did not want to leave and I couldn’t blame him one bit! Indianola is a piece of Heaven. The years that they had their place, many good memories were made. I can remember times that the whole family was down there and it was something. Mom and Dad, and their seven children. There were many BBQs and Fish Fry’s over the years and there was always a good time to be had. My dad and I had many fishing and floundering trips and I really miss him. Although he is gone, I still know that he is with me on every fishing trip. Too me, Indianola is indeed a piece of Heaven, or what I think heaven would be like. To a fisherman like me, I just couldn’t ask for anymore. I’ll never forget what my mom once told me. She said that God was once doing some repairs on heaven and some pieces fell to Earth. She said one of the bigger pieces fell right where Indianola is. I laughed a little, but as the years go by, I think more and more, she was right. If God fishes, which I’m pretty sure he does, I know Indianola is where he goes. I do agree that Port O Connor is “The Best Kept Secret on the Texas Gulf Coast” but Indianola and Port O Connor are practically one. Indianola is a “Texas Gulf Coast Diamond in the rough.” If you have seen as many sunrises as I have, you would also know that Indianola must be heaven! Like I said on this picture, it’s the Stairway to Heaven!
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