TEXAS RATTLER™ “Fish Pic of the Month” for August 2020 is

Terrie B Huffmaster

from Quitman, Georgia.

Using a TEXAS RATTLER™ rattling 3D Gold Spoon Terrie landed this nice Trout.
While this quality photo has some of the things we look for – like the lure in the fishes mouth just after it is caught – it reminds me of some 30″ Trout caught on a gold spoon when I was running a crew of 20+ Landman doing a 3D seismic shoot back in the mid- 1990’s for Essenjay Petroleum covering all of Portland and Nueces Bay.
One of the Landman from Houston I gave the job of going to each well in Nueces Bay with his boat and giving me a report if it was actually producing or if a platform was still at a well site that was designated plugged and abandoned at the Texas RRC.
He asked if it was cool if he fished a bit while he was checking on the wells and I said: “No, just get the job done – and I need the results by Friday afternoon so I can take it to the client next Monday morning.”
He brings me the report and two different picks of 30″ Trout he caught on a gold spoon that he released.
My son’s 1st Trout he caught by himself was when he was 3 YO throwing a sliver spoon in the 1st gut of the surf.
When I Guided full time, I never wade fished the surf w/o a silver spoon in my pocket – it worked even when live bait or soft plastics wouldn’t work.
Those experiences and the fact that our forefathers threw a spoon before soft plastics came on the scene led me to develop the most lethal spoon that exists on the market today.
One that rattles, – and has eyes and a light reflecting belly on BOTH sides like a real bait fish does.
Terrie B Huffmaster

put it to work and now she is the winner of $100 worth of TEXAS RATTLER cap, ca$h and terminal tackle.

CONGRATS Terrie !!!

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