The catching wasn’t great but the fun time was.

Well our weekend in Delacroix was cut short with the upcoming storms!

Friday and Saturday was a hot no tide day when we went out!

With unfavorable conditions the fish were not biting at least not for us, we pulled in a few keepers and caught a litany of throw backs and what we call trash fish

We had fun and that’s a major plus for every fishing trip!

My redfish was legal but when I opened the app to enter my fish it never up loaded!

I did release it with a slow motion video as well!

I don’t think I will have another chance to get back on the water this week not with two back to back hurricanes heading toward us.

I want to say thanks to Paula Gudaitis and Vicki Crain for signing up to fish theWOTO tournament with me even though we didn’t get on the leaderboard it wasn’t for lack of trying !

So far I have seen great pics from a few of  the ladies

Kelly Ott

Alyssa Myhrer

 Since this is a global tournament and any lady angler can fish from across the globe, and if you are not in the way of a hurricane please sign up and fish for me.  I appreciate each and every one of you for supporting and encouraging other women to pursue their outdoor interests.

Keep Louisiana in your prayers as we deal with yet another hurricane and a double whamy at that.

So ladies make sure your pics go up and since this is a learning curve for most of us on using the honor system and the Donkey fish app, we are hoping the next tournament will be much easier to sign up for!

Please tag me or Phyllis Rowe
me in your pics so we can make sure they get shared with everyone!

Have fun be safe!

Thanks to Wayne Melerine for hosting us at his camp!


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