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Women Of The Outdoors

75 Plimpton Street

Southbridge,MA 01550


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Women Of the Outdoors, which is based out of Massachusetts and has roots nationwide- is a non-profit organization that motivates, educates and empowers women and young adults in leadership, responsibility, and compassion for others through the value of outdoor recreation. With the emergence of  generations born with electronics and technology in hand, many women and children are deprived of knowing what engagement in outdoor activities can do for them.

Women of the Outdoors hosts motivational seminars, charitable events, educational programs and assists in providing equipment to those involved in our events who may be financially struggling. Women of the Outdoors feels strongly that everyone can benefit from the experiences and knowledge obtained through outdoor adventures and excursions, and strives to furnish the opportunities for everyone to do so, regardless of their economic capability.

Our Mission Statement:

The purpose of this organization shall be to empower women and our youth of all ages by educating in the varieties of outdoor activities, through motivation and active participation- through the knowledge of the organization and its members. We are dedicated to providing information that is true and safe, have representation in different states in which to hold events and to respect our women, our youth and our environment.

75 Plimpton Street (1,322.20 mi)
Southbridge, Massachusetts 01550
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(508) 277-6822
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