Wanda Stewart’s Series Salty Sistaz Rodz

Fynixx Rodz Pro Staffer Wand Stewart  RodnReelGirl.  Louisana Native.


Salty Sistaz Series Rodz


($45.00 shipping)

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Wanda Stewart has been fishing n promoting our Custom Rodz n Custom Fynixx Rodzs for 4 yrs now.  We came out with a signature series for Wanda called SALTY SISTAZ Series

We can build these into Rodz for men.

Manly colors

Salty Sistaz Rodz Specs

Pick yr Line Class

Line Class

4-8# 6-12# 8-17# 12-30# 17-45#

Pick yr Rod Length

6′-7’6″ Fast Action Toray Nano Carbon Fiber/Kevlar Blanks

Microwave Air Guides or Kl Snagless w/SiC Rings w/Matching Tip Top

Hook Keeper. AAA Cork Gripz or Winn Gripz

We will put yr name on the Rodz in Chrome Lettering.

Choose yr Favorite

Colored Blanks

Bubble Gum Pink. Teal. Red. Powder Blue. White. Lime Green. Satin Purple.

Pick yr Thread Colors

Spinning Casting or Twister Stix

Microwave Guides

Fuji Kl Guides

Cork. Colored Eva Gripz or Winn Gripz.


We offer Custom Airbrushed Blanks n Laser Engraved Colored Eva Foam Gripz n Laser Engraved Cork Gripz for that special full Customised Salty Sistaz

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